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On Disappointment

Posted a few thoughts on disappointment at writingfeemail. Would you check it out? Renee Johnson is the author of Acquisition, and The Haunting of William Gray.  She is currently working on a Young Adult novel, while editing a suspense novel … Continue reading

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Special Offer from T. B. Markinson

Most of you know our blogging friend and author T. B. Markinson. She guest posted for me in December, giving us all a taste of her journey as a writer. Well she has a special offer right now and I’m … Continue reading

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Guest Posting by T. B. Markinson

T. B. Markinson is guest posting for me today. Most of you know her fabulous blog 50yearproject where she explores novels, movies, and interesting corners of the world. If that wasn’t a big enough challenge she has also published two … Continue reading

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Novel Inspiration Using Secret Pinterest Boards

Pinterest has replaced my ubiquitous image boards. Besides using it to pin recipes, gardening tips, books, movies, and places I’d like to visit, I’ve discovered that it is fantastic place for pinning inspiration for a manuscript. Yes, pick someone who … Continue reading

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We’ve all been there. Life gets in the way of everything else. Everything. We bloggers are not alone in this. Author P. D. James once said that it took years to write Cover Her Face, not the usual span of … Continue reading

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Wildlife Photos and Some History of Bland

A vacation to our cabin in Bland, Virginia is usually filled with chores. That’s the reality of having a farm in another area. This spring it has been about the cabin. The trim needed to be repainted and the surface … Continue reading

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Why Words Matter

Words matter. We use them moment to moment to communicate and describe and direct and instruct. Sometimes, especially here in the South, we run them together into a string of drawls and dropped last letters. Even then, we care about … Continue reading

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Are Contests Valuable to Writers?

Contests have been in the news lately.  A Texas woman sued Harlequin after they published a novel that she believed was stolen from her after she entered it in a contest. She lost.  Her novel wasn’t completed and only a … Continue reading

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Should You Narrow the Focus of Your Blog?

Should you narrow the focus of your blog? The experts – and let’s face it, there is an expert on everything these days – recommend a single theme for successful blogging.  Gardeners should stick to what is sprouting or blooming, … Continue reading

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