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Years ago, Essie Baumgardner accepted the postmistress position in Wylder, Wyoming Territory, to protect her young daughter. But Augusta is now seventeen and caught between her two loves—rodeo riding and Clyde Hartshorn.

Although Essie longs to travel, she saves her money for Augusta’s Boston education until the striking Pierre Lacroix, his daughter, Francine, and showman Victor Douglas arrive and turn her life upside down. When she finally gets the chance to see the world, will she send Augusta to New England and abandon her post office for love?

Released September 7, 2022.

5 Star reviews on Amazon

Another great book

“Renee Johnson has another great read! I believe this is her 4th book I have read, and thoroughly enjoyed all. This is a story of how a young widowed woman survives raising a daughter in the west. Written in her perspective, her losses and struggles and finding love and her fulfilling her dreams of travel and adventures.” —Brenda Carroll

Two books in one!

“Overall, this book will have you turning pages as swiftly as your fingers can move. I read it in one sitting before I realized how fast I was reading. I recommend this book not only to western romance fans but also to romantic suspense and cozy mystery fans. To Ride a Wylder Horse has something for everyone.”–Redi44Crew

Vibrant characters

“To Ride a Wylder Horse draws you into the old west…The plot twists are especially nice. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves the old west.”–Evelyn M. Timidaiski

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Reminiscing Over Rainbow Gelato is Johnson’s contribution to The Wild Rose Press series, One Scoop or Two.


On the heels of professional failure, flavor chemist Sabrina Bianco travels to Martha’s Vineyard to reopen her parents’ ice cream parlor, hire a manager, and return to North Carolina before a co-worker snags her promotion.

Sabrina didn’t plan to stay long on Martha’s Vineyard, but the opportunity to rekindle her relationship with Tommy O’Brien is almost as important as revitalizing her parents’ ice cream parlor.

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Set in mysterious Venice, Italy, BEHIND THE MASK is an international intrigue. 

No one knows who the lady pulled from a Venetian canal is.  Even she doesn’t seem to know and the ball gown and period undergarments she was wearing give no clues.  hitting her head and oxygen deprivation have left her with amnesia.

Dr. Luca Viale is determined to find out her identity.  The bruises on her body appear to come from different times, convincing him that her situation was no accident.  Can he restore her memory before another attempt is made on her life?  Time is running out and his growing attraction to her is beginning to cause problems in both his personal and professional life.

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5 star reviews on netgalley

“This book was full of surprises and twists that made me love this book more.” –Laurie B., Educator 

“You know it’s creepy when even the assassin is scared.” –Negar A., Reviewer



Sara Goode is leading an exciting life in New York until her radio talk show is cancelled. She heeds the advice of a homeless woman–who insists she speaks with angels–and returns to Bland, Virginia for Thanksgiving. But not everyone in the small town is happy to see her.

Sara learns there is more to forgiveness than just receiving, but granting it as well. It doesn’t hurt that she’s falling for the town’s most eligible bachelor, Luke Sterling, the handsome minister of her family’s church. Luke has his own connection to NYC. He also has rejection angst since going from college football field hero to has-been overnight.

Can they face their fears and embrace love? Manhattan’s bright lights still call to Sara, and Luke’s fears of being rebuffed may just be too deep to overcome.

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5 star reviews on amazon

Love the Family Theme

“It kept my attention!-Couldn’t put it down.
Excellent book!” –Gail Joyner

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“Very happy book. I loved it.” — Lucy




Can Madeline Waters capture a picture of the ghost William Gray believes is haunting him?

Others have caught some shadowy figures on film at the Antebellum house, built in the eighteen hundreds on a privately-owned island in Winyah Bay, South Carolina.

A single photo would result in William granting permission for her to use the private journals of his long-dead ancestor and namesake, Captain William Gray, in her thesis research.

Madeline’s disbelief in the supernatural isn’t helpful and she wonders if the wealthy loner is suffering a mental collapse until she experiences the ghost of the Captain herself. Saving her from drowning, he floods her with the emotions she has longed for, and opens a dimension for her previously thought to be pure fantasy.

Is it possible to fall in love with an apparition, or will she be able to aid in setting his spirit free? With help from a local Gullah woman’s knowledge of voodoo, the mystery unravels. In the process, William and Madeline’s hearts also become entwined.

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 5 star reviews on netgalley

“The Haunting of William Gray was a dazzling and romantic read. It just kept getting better and better! It initially reminded of classics like the Ghost and Mrs. Muir…but it quickly moved onto it’s own path.” –Brooke H., Reviewer

“I loved it. I was hooked from page one, great characters. I was on a wild adventure. What a mystery.” –Darlene L., Reviewer

5 star reviews on amazon

I loved how she interwove the past with the present and …

“Renee Johnson is a stellar writer and with strong and descriptive voice. Her characters come alive…even the ghost! I loved how she interwove the past with the present and brought it all together at the end. It was a great mix of romance, history and atmosphere. Great read from beginning to end.” –Karen

I was definitely not disappointed! The Haunting of William Gray is a delightful …

“Having previously read Acquisition by Renee Canter Johnson, I was eager to get my hands on her next endeavour. I was definitely not disappointed! The Haunting of William Gray is a delightful romance with a supernatural twist that was hard to put down once I began reading.” –Kathy B. Handy

I Didn’t Want the Book to End!

“The book is a nice, long story which I appreciated greatly. The book is a nice, long story which I appreciated greatly. The best part is that the characters in the book are not freakishly skeptical about ghosts, they accepted their presence without the usual silliness that haunting stories have to work through. Great writing, beautiful visuals, and a unique, compelling story.” –J Rivers

The author does a great job of creating a haunting atmosphere in which the …Verified Purchase

“The author does a great job of creating a haunting atmosphere in which the story unfolds. The tale is full of mystery, action and romance, with well-drawn, likeable characters and an exciting, satisfying conclusion.” –HavestingHecate




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Amanda Lassiter, divorced and now married to her job, needs her first solo endeavor at managing an acquisition to go smoothly. With a promotion dangling, she heads to North Carolina, where she is faced with the choice of doing the right thing or following her boss’s orders. Will the conflict spiral her downward into her previously defeated eating disorder?

The economy, among other issues, has forced Reece Jordan to accept the take-over of his company. For the benefit of his employees, he’s prepared to go toe-to-toe with the mogul behind the acquisition, but not with the beautiful, multi-layered woman sent in his place.

Temptations mount, secrets are revealed, and nothing turns out the way it was planned.

5 star review on GoodReads

“Kept you interested from the first sentence. Very well written and full of excitement and thrill.”– Amber