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I’m getting your kind messages and I know you are all curious about what happens when you meet up with a bunch of strangers and settle in for a long stretch of living together under one roof.

Well, I can only speak for myself.

Perhaps I have gotten lucky and ended up on this island — after a succession of plane, bus, ferry boat, and taxi — with the best community of writers.  We ‘mesh’ quite well.  And having this crazy craft in common with so many others makes me feel a bit like the rabbit in the proverbial briar patch.

I am right at home, no longer alone.

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The island is much larger than I expected, having never been to Martha’s Vineyard before.  There are wharfs and beaches and gingerbread houses and old cemeteries and a fire truck museum.

IMG_0941 IMG_0891 IMG_0829 IMG_0807

Local seafood is magnificent,IMG_0910 IMG_0911    IMG_0788  IMG_0787  IMG_0912

weddings have been plentiful, IMG_0742

and even though the Old Whaling Church is the bane of my existence at four in the morning, yes it ‘chimes the hour’ every hour all of the time, it does lend a certain charm.  IMG_0746

Last night some of the other writers even found a very ‘North Carolina’ event for me up here in Massachusetts!  Bluegrass and pit smoked pork in a barn!  I am still reeling from that one. IMG_0862 IMG_0863

I know what you’re thinking right now.

YouRenee, you are supposed to be writing!

MeDon’t bother me when I’m taking in ambiance for a future novel!

In all seriousness though, I have had a revelation about my main character.  I was a bit undecided as to whether he should have redemption or go deeper into darkness as my novel concludes.  In the second day of the residency, it ‘fell’ to me, just as I had been assured it would by someone much smarter and more talented than me.

IMG_0843 IMG_0892 IMG_0921 IMG_0929

And that alone was worth the trip.  Now I can simply fill in the details.

So, what am I working on?  Find out.  Join us for a reading  at West Tisbury Library Tuesday night, October 7.

Renee Johnson is the author of Acquisition, and The Haunting of William Gray.  She is currently working on a Young Adult novel, while editing a suspense novel which has international flair–an homage to her love of travel and foreign food.  She lives on a farm in North Carolina with her husband, Tony Johnson, and one very spoiled German shepherd named Gretel.   


  1. ***You: Renee, you are supposed to be writing!

    Me: Don’t bother me when I’m taking in ambiance for a future novel!***

    YESSSSSS. It is our observations that give us the WORDS. xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. How wonderful this all looks and sounds Renee and so glad that your character development ‘fell to you’ as you hoped it would 🙂 I have always wanted to visit Martha’s Vineyard…now I want to go even more from your lovely photos. Looking forward to your updates! Enjoy 😀

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