Q&A with “Anne de Champagne,” a French painter

A wonderful interview with the French artist, Anne de Champagne.

Writing from the Heart, Reading for the Road

(Note: This Q&A was conducted partly via email, and partly in person, in French. The translation into English is mine: the French version follows the English one. JH)

self-portrait“Anne de Champagne,” née Anne Fierobe, was born in Paris in 1960. She studied German literature at the University of Reims. Then, for 20 years she held a variety of jobs, including teaching, and working in a bank. During this time she never stopped creating and showing her work in a variety of venues, including at times in her home, which changed location about 15 times during this period. In 2007 she opened the Atelier du 11 in Essoyes. Initially working out of a small rented storefront space, she has since been engaged in creating large paintings and installations in a vast space in a converted ancient barn in the main street of the village. It is always interesting to return to Essoyes and see how her…

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