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Today’s post comes from author, Fran McNabb. She has a new release scheduled for September 11, 2020, and I think we are all ready for something fun and exciting to take us away from our everyday lives. Summer is swiftly passing, but we can still step beyond our doors when we take a trip through our minds.


Author Fran McNabb



           Thanks to Renee Johnson for having me on her blog. I haven’t met Renee personally, but through the blog, and I know she is an interesting lady and writer. It seems we have a lot in common with our writing. Both of us write for The Wild Rose Press, both of us write sweet romances with the same editor, and both of us have stories coming out in The Wild Rose Press’s One Scoop or Two Series.

After reading the requirements for this summer reading series, I jumped at the chance to write for it. The perimeters included a story set on a beach in the summer and involve an ice cream stand. I couldn’t wait to come up with a story because I live in a beach community and love ice cream, hence, my short story “Smoothing a Rocky Road.”

I grew up in a Gulf Coast beach town where Keesler Air Force Base is located. Even if you’re not military, you might recognize the base name from hearing about the Hurricane Hunters that are stationed there. Growing up in a tourist community and near a military base, I, like most of the local girls, knew to be careful dating men who were passing through. In my story, my hero is on temporary duty (TDY) at Keesler, and my heroine falls for him in spite of the fact that she was hurt recently by a man on TDY.

I love the beach, and in my high school years, I participated in quite a few bonfires, scavenger hunts, and other parties on the same beach where “Smoothing a Rocky Road” is set. Today, I still love the water. My husband and I live on a bayou harbor and love boating.



Excerpt: “Smoothing a Rocky Road”

He interrupted her thoughts by putting his arm around her shoulders and pulling her close to his side. She melted against him even though she knew she should pull away. Problems or no problems, she wanted to feel his lips. Would she be able to ignore her doubts and enjoy Ty tonight?

“If I didn’t have my students behind me, I’d kiss you, Miss Melissa.”

His eyes shone with desire. Melissa’s heart slammed against her chest. She swallowed. “And maybe I’d let you.” She sat straight and tried to be sensible. “But your students are here, and you won’t be in a few days. We should probably simply sit here and enjoy this wonderful night.” So much for ignoring my doubt.

He sat straighter. “Here we go again. You really are paranoid about being out with someone from the base.”

“Not just from the base. The problem is more about being with someone who is here temporarily. Please understand. Put yourself in my shoes.”

He laughed. “We’re not wearing shoes.”

“Are you making fun of my feelings?”

This time he pulled her close, and before she had time to think, he kissed her. The kiss, fast and hard, took her breath away. She blinked and stared.

“I would never make fun of your feelings, Melissa. You have every right to protect yourself from men who want to take advantage of their situation while they’re away from home. I’m not here to do that.”

He pulled his arms back to his side.

Coldness set in where the warmth from his touch had been. Melissa’s thoughts scattered in a million different directions. What had just happened? He’d kissed her. She loved the kiss, but now he sat staring out over the water, not touching her.


“Smoothing a Rocky Road” is a short beach read to be released on Sept. 11. It can be found at

Other books by Fran with The Wild Rose Press are:

Saving the Children:

Keeping Hope Alive :





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  1. So excited for your new book Fran! I’m sure it will be as enjoyable as your other books!!

  2. Your new book sounds so awesome! Can’t wait till it hits the shelves! Best of luck!


  3. Can’t wait – the excerpt leaves you wanting to read more. I have always enjoyed your books!

  4. Fran, I love all of your books, looking forward to this latest one. It’s a relaxing way to escape the craziness of the world right now. Good luck!

  5. Thanks to all of you who stopped by Renee’s blog. I appreciate the time and effort it takes to lend your support. I also thank Renee for letting me have a spot on her great blog, and I look forward to reading her story with One Scoop or Two. Thanks.

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