Los Angeles Emmy Awards

There are a few Emmy Awards you will only find on reneejohnsonwrites!


Yes, you read that right.  I flew out to LA to bring you a special selection of awards.


So, without further delay, I’ll get started.  Pull up a chair alongside this red carpet event!

IMG_0160          IMG_0119

reneejohnsonwrites chooses best performance by a boutique hotel–The O Hotel and Spa!

IMG_0048   IMG_0051

Best pre-show party–Rachel at L’Occitane.

IMG_0423  IMG_0428

IMG_0425   IMG_0424

Best Opera Performance–Liam Bonner with Placido Domingo’s Gianni Schicchi  and Lorraine Snyder for any performance.

IMG_0417   IMG_0188

Best Bartender–Steve at The O Hotel and Bar.IMG_0516             IMG_0029        IMG_0054

Best adaptation of a Southern Staple–Fried Green Tomato topped with Crab!


Best Concierge by an Artist–Christopher at The O Hotel!


Best street act performed in sync! (Brentwood Boys)


Best beach–Santa Monica!


Best sailing performance in the wake of a tsunami warning! (nameless at Venice Beach)


Best use of signs–Los Angeles Sister Cities.


Best superhero in Hollywood–Spiderman!


Best Italian Menu–Trastevere in Hollywood.

IMG_0461               IMG_0472 IMG_0473 IMG_0475

Best use of lights–a tie!

IMG_0506         IMG_0502

Best museum experience–Grammy Museum!

IMG_0069           IMG_0068

IMG_0076           IMG_0135

Best shopping experience–Fig at 7th.IMG_0419

Best use of wind machine–Mother Nature!

IMG_0315   IMG_0287

Best side-of-building art–a tie!

IMG_0269   IMG_0143

Best architecture–The LA Phil!

IMG_0165         IMG_0162                           IMG_0161              IMG_0164

Best overall star–Marilyn Monroe!

IMG_0442 IMG_0446

Best performance ever–Andrea Bocelli at The Dolby Theatre!

IMG_0491 IMG_0434

Best use of make-up–Oscar!!  (Doesn’t he look positively golden?)


Renee Johnson is the author of Acquisition, and The Haunting of William Gray.  She is currently working on a Young Adult novel, while editing a suspense novel which has international flair–an homage to her love of travel and foreign food.  She lives on a farm in North Carolina with her husband, Tony Johnson, and one very spoiled German shepherd named Gretel.   

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    Just finished watching the Emmy’s!
    I’m as “STAR FREAK.”
    Is this part of your job?
    tell me more?
    Were you in the audience?
    SO COOL.

    1. I’m so glad you liked this post. In LA for Andrea Bocelli concert and staying right up the street from LA Live at a great boutique hotel–The O. If you like stars though, the concert was being taped for PBS and there were appearances by John Travolta, Andy Garcia, Ryan O’Neal, Ali MacGraw…

  2. I missed watching the regular Emmies. The Fox listings aren’t on my personal channel list. I like your Emmies. I haven’t been to LA in a hundred years. See you soon.

    1. Hi Lee. My Emmies were a blast. I had so much fun in California and am now wondering why I don’t live there. LOL. The weather was perfect, no humidity, no insects, friendly and helpful people, lots of entertainment…I could go on and on!! Looking forward to seeing you real soon. Take care.

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