Mint Julep and Its Origins

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Bourbon – a fine corn whiskey – has its roots in bluegrass country. Oddly enough, it is credited to Reverend Elijah Craig, a baptist minister who honed the whiskey made from other grains into what we know today. Corn was plentiful in the 1700’s, as settlers were encouraged to accept land for the purpose of farming it.

This bourbon was soon used to make mint juleps and now it is the traditional beverage of the Kentucky Derby. You can find all kinds of complicated recipes for this drink, but keep it simple.

Fresh mint is widely available now so avoid all of the mint infusions and mint syrups,( although it is easy to make your own). Just muddle a few leaves in the glass – traditionally a chilled silver cup, but who has silver cups these days – add ice, 1 ounce simple syrup and 2 ounces Kentucky bourbon. Stir…

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