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Burgoo isn’t complicated to make, but is has a lot of ingredients and requires a lot of simmering and cooling. My Kentucky cousins used to joke that it was made from whatever didn’t make it across the road the night before – i.e. roadkill! Yikes!

Not too appetizing.

And it normally takes days of cooking shanks and cooling the resulting stock – skimming the fat – adding more ingredients and starting again. Who has time for that?

But this stew is fantastic. It makes a nice mixture for entertaining – one dish style. Corn bread muffins are great with it, another southern favorite. So this is my short cut method that can be made and eaten today. The most difficult part is gathering all the ingredients.

* Quick Burgoo *

1 roasted chicken
1/2 lb pre-cooked pulled pork
1 lb. ground beef
2 cups chicken stock
2 cups beef stock

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